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Viva Wellness focuses on implementing the The 3 Weeks Metabolic Drops Program, which is an effective way to lose weight fast.  The program is healthy and balanced with supplements to support the body through the 3 weeks period, leading to losing healthy body fat.

Our 3 Week Program Guarantee: we are confident of delivering results with females losing 10-15 lbs and males losing 15-20 lbs that we offer 3 week program money back guarantee (click for details). 

The Metabolic Drops Program works by:
1- Increasing the body rate of breaking of fat.
2- Increasing metabolism.
3- suppressing appetite. 

The body’s food intake is carefully adjusted which makes the body enter a state of “contentment” where it is not hungry or full.  At this state, the body funnels the burned fat through the high metabolism, resulting in rapid but healthy weight loss.

Simple Steps:
- No calorie counting.
- No point system.
- No weighing food.
- No pre-packaged meals.
- No exercise.
- Hormone Free.

Results: The metabolic drops target the stubborn unhealthy fat throughout the body including the belly, hip, and face areas.  This leads to weight loss evenly throughout the body, giving a natural look.  

Stabilization Phase:after the 3-week program, we offer stabilization phase to lock the new weight by resetting the body to accept the new weight as the real weight, preventing the body from gaining the weight back.

We offer our quick weight loss services at various places in Illinois including Arlington Heights and Des Plaines. Join now and lose up to 1 lb per day with total loss of 10 to 15 lbs in 3 weeks!