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We are confident that in the 3 week program we will deliver the following results or we will offer money back guarantee:
- Female clients losing 10 lbs
- Male clients losing 15 lbs. 

Clients Must have Met All of these Criteria:
1- Followed the program guidelines.
2- Attended the weekly meetings (total three).
3- Provided daily updates regarding weight loss progress to the weight loss coach by phone or text.

How to Request a Refund:
If you have not achieved the promised weight loss results of the 3 week program and you have met the above criteria, please follow these steps:
- Contact us within 14 days after completing the program; that is, after your final weekly meeting.
- Email your request to MyVivaWellness@gmail.com or call (224) 323-0162.
- We will reach out to you by email within 3 days.

We serve clients from many cities including Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Morton Grove, Des Plaines.